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October 18 2017

Ethiopia’s Parliament Speaker Resigns Over ‘Disrespect’ to Oromo People. Is the Balance of Power Shifting?

"...his resignation is like throwing a gasoline to the fire that is already out of control. It is a historical step that signals and symbolizes end of OPDO's submission..."
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October 17 2017

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Mozambicans Want to Know If Militant Group al-Shabaab Was Behind Police Post Attacks

"*MOZAMBICAN BROTHERS*…Do not fall in the trap, do not fall for the bait of the exploiter… What happened in the north of the country aims to create war..."

One Activist's Vision of a Feminist Democracy for Catalonia

"I would like to continue thinking that I tried to create a revolution in the best way I knew how."
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The struggle of making tacos in space
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